Goodbye Tinnitus Affiliate Program

Welcome to the affiliate center. On this page you will learn and get just about everything you need to launch a successful promotion for this product. There are tools, landing pages, banners, articles, reviews, tips, and many more resources.

Goodbye Tinnitus is the HIGHEST converting, most PROFITABLE product for tinnitus. It's still fairly new, but it won't be long before you see this product ranked #1 on Clickbank for Tinnitus.

Best Quality + Best Conversion Rate + Highest Payout = Best Tinnitus Product on the Market, both for Affiliates AND Customers.

WARNING: If you're a customer viewing this page, DO NOT sign up as an affiliate just to get a discount by receiving a commission. This is considered fraud, and Clickbank takes steps to prevent this. If you do this you will not be paid. Clickbank will only pay legitimate affiliates, not customers looking to take advantage of the system.  In order to get paid, an affiliate must make at least 5 Clickbank sales, and from different payment sources.

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Our Other Products

We have other products that convert just as well as Goodbye Tinnitus. All of our products are market leaders, meaning they're the most profitable products in their niche.


We focus on 5 things:

  • Having the best graphics and design

  • Having the best sales page

  • Having the best quality products

  • Having the lowest refund rates

  • Having the highest payouts & conversion rates

I assure you that if you decide to enter any of the niches we have products in, you will be best off to promote our products.

Here is a list of our current products (besides Goodbye Tinnitus):

1. (CB name precoz). This is the Spanish version of the Ejaculation Trainer. It converts just as good and it's a fairly nice sized market.

Want to enter a niche with virtually zero competition? This is it. The profit margins are insanely high. I've done some PPC testing and for about every $50 I spend I make 6-8 sales (about $300). These days, very few niches can produce profit margins that high.

If you know Spanish I would jump on this one right away. Even if you don't know Spanish, you can use Google's or Bing's free translating service for your content or ads.

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Sign up for our email list and receive important updates and news regarding our products. We will also let you know when we're launching a new product. As I mentioned to the left, all of our products are developed to be top converting market leaders. You don't want to miss these! The faster you get on a new product the more advantage you will have over other affiliates.

This is not a promotional list. It's strictly business for news and updates about our products. We will NEVER share or sell your name and email address, and we will not bombard you with emails.

2. (CB name ejtrain). This is currently our most popular product. It's in Clickbank's top 10 for health products. It converts extremely well and is a very high quality product. It's been the #1 product on Clickbank for premature ejaculation for 4 years straight.

The product package is for premature ejaculation, which is the most common sexual performance complaint among men. The premature ejaculation market is fairly big, but more importantly it converts with all types of male traffic. Most men want to last longer in bed and this product will show them how.

We have tons of affiliate tools for this product. When you're done checking out this page, head on over to the Ejaculation Trainer if this sounds like a market you'd rather get in to.

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The Goodbye Tinnitus Affiliate Tools & Resources


Fellow Marketer,


I'm going to give you just about everything you need to get started in this niche promoting Goodbye Tinnitus. Whether you're a complete newbie or a seasoned six-figure marketer, the stuff on this page is going to put you on the fast track to success.


This is truly a great niche to venture in to. It's not nearly as saturated as other niches, and it's a market full of BUYERS. Tinnitus is one of the most annoying, stressful conditions out there. In some cases people have committed suicide simply because they can't handle the constant noise.


Promoting Goodbye Tinnitus is a great opportunity to make some money, but you'll also be doing a good thing for society by helping people with this condition.


Another benefit of the tinnitus niche is that it will ALWAYS be around. It's not a fly-by-night topic like many business/marketing opportunities, software, gaming niches, etc. This means that the promotions you start now will be profitable for years down the road, so long as you keep everything updated and adjust to any new marketing trends and policies.


This page will give you the tools, resources, and information you need get started with a successful campaign. I wish you the best of luck and if you ever need anything just let us know and we'll get right on it.

A Summary Of The Affiliate Tools & Resources We Provide On This Page

You will find tons of resources on this page to help you launch a successful promotion for Goodbye Tinnitus. Our goal is to make this as easy as possible for you, therefore we did not leave anything out.


Here is a summary of what our affiliate center consists of (in order):

How Much You Can Make With The Goodbye Tinnitus

The Ejaculation Trainer pricing structure has been optimized to perfection for maximum conversion rate and profitability. We have five product variations you will earn commissions on.

Product & Item #

Commission Rate Earnings

Goodbye Tinnitus Regular Package - Item #1 - Offered on the initial sales page.

75% $33.24

Upsell Coming soon!

75% $52.66

Upsell Coming soon!

75% $12.43

Upsell Coming soon!

75% $8.96

Upsell Coming soon!

75% $15.90

*The amount earned can vary by a matter of cents depending on the VAT taxes of certain countries & the ecommerce taxes of the state of New York.

We will prove further down this page that our sales page conversion rate, upsell conversion rate, and average $/sale is the highest in the market, making it the most profitable choice for affiliates. However, it is unnecessary to prove the figures above. You can simply start promoting the product or even buy it yourself through your affiliate link and you will see that the figures above are accurate.


Proof of Our High Conversion Rates & Low Refund Rates

Conversion rates can vary dramatically depending on your promotional methods. For an example, if you're promoting with highly targeted keywords through PPC, your conversion rates will be high. But if you're promoting through PPV, which is less quality traffic, your conversions rates will be lower. The same goes for other promotional methods. What matters isn't how high your conversion rates are, but how much you are spending to get a conversion.


One of the most common misconceptions about conversion rates is the higher it is the better. Of course a high conversion rate is a good thing, but like I said conversion rates will vary dramatically depending on the promotional methods being used. If the traffic is of low quality and cheap, the conversion rates will be lower. If the traffic is expensive and highly targeted, the conversion rates will be higher. Conversion rates have nothing to do with how profitable a product is. What needs to be looked at is how much money is being spent to get a conversion.


Below is 100% legitimate proof that our product converts very well. Clickbank doesn't report conversion rates, so I had to fill in that information myself.

Goodbye Tinnitus is still fairly new to the market. We will post proof after more data is collected. In the meantime start promoting it and you'll see the proof yourself!

Getting Started


Step 1 -  If you haven't already, you need to sign up with Clickbank. Clickbank is an affiliate network that sells our products, tracks sales/commissions, and sends out your check or direct deposit. You can sign up for a free affiliate account at


Step 2 - Now that you have a Clickbank account you can begin promoting the Goodbye Tinnitus Simply refer your web traffic to You can also go to the Clickbank marketplace and do a search for 'Goodbye Tinnitus'. Then click the 'promote' link by our product description and you will be able to create a cloaked affiliate link.


Step 3 - Buy the product! Not doing this is one of the biggest mistakes rookie marketers make. How can you promote a product that you've never even seen, read, or used? This is a must if you want to stand out over the competition and have a convincing, successful campaign. If you don't at least take a glance at the actual product, it will show in your promotions. You'll have fewer conversions due to the fact people won't believe you're telling the truth, and you won't be able to effectively promote it because in reality you won't even know what it is you're promoting. It's also unethical and in some cases illegal to advertise something you have no knowledge of and/or have never used.


You have our permission to use your affiliate link to buy the product. By using your affiliate link you can get the product for 75% off, which is dirt-cheap.


I can assure you that if you buy the product your promotions will be MUCH more successful. Every single one of my biggest affiliates have purchased Goodbye Tinnitus and thoroughly gone through it. It's really just common sense to buy a product and go over it before promoting it yourself.


Promoting Goodbye Tinnitus


Now that you have your Clickbank account set up you are ready to choose a promotional method. In truth there are many ways to drive traffic and make sales. In this first section I'm going to quickly discuss the most popular methods, then in the following sections I will go into each method in more detail (if necessary) and provide the necessary tools.


Here is a list of the most effective ways to drive traffic.

There are a few other methods here and there, but 99% of all internet commerce is done with these advertising methods.


If you're new to affiliate marketing this stuff might seem complicated at first. In truth it's really not, and I will go into greater detail of each method further down this page to give you a better understanding.


Promoting products as an affiliate requires a website or landing page in most cases. This is something I will discuss and even provide further down this page.


PPC (pay per click)


PPC is one of the most well known methods of internet marketing. It's popular because of it's ease of use, highly targeted traffic, and it's large volume. As you probably know most people use search engines to find stuff online. PPC is basically advertising to the people who are using these search engines. Obviously the biggest player is Google, but Bing and Yahoo also have a decent search volume.

The networks listed below aren't in any specific order besides Google and Bing/Yahoo. I've tried to list the smaller networks in order based on traffic volume available, ease of use, and the quality of conversions, but I can't be exactly sure on these details. They are all however popular PPC networks that should work great for promoting Goodbye Tinnitus.

The main players in PPC are:

Google AdWords - Googles PPC program is the largest in existence. This is because of their majority market share in the search traffic (most people use Google to find stuff). No other advertising network anywhere can provide as much targeted traffic as Google.

The upside to Google is the vast amounts of targeted traffic, but it has a few downsides too. Because of it's popularity more advertisers/affiliate marketers are using it. Therefore there's more competition and higher advertising costs. Another issue with Google is creating a landing page that they will actually approve. Recently Google has cracked down on advertisers using poor landing pages. If you want your landing page to be approved it needs to have a lot of great content and be of good quality, not be solely a bridge page, and you need to follow all their other advertising policies exactly (see their website for policies).

I've noticed myself and heard lately that people who are running AdSense on their website along with a good landing page haven't had any issues with Google. AdSense is Google's contextual ad platform, they give you ads to place on your website and you get paid a few cents if someone clicks on them. AdSense isn't really worth it compared to the earnings you can get with affiliate marketing, but if it will get your landing page approved it's something you should consider.

I know I've mentioned a few downsides to using Google, but nonetheless they're still the biggest source of targeted traffic. You should definitely consider launching a campaign with Google. If anything the new crackdown will weed out incompetent affiliates, which will increase conversion rates and lower costs for quality affiliates. Read Google's policies and do some searching around to learn more about launching a successful campaign with Google.

Yahoo/Bing - Recently Yahoo and Bing (Microsoft/MSN) joined forces to compete with Google's AdWords. This was a good move in my opinion. Now, instead of having to run campaigns on both networks you can run them through one network.

Although there's less traffic available through Yahoo and Bing, it's still a great network with plenty of targeted traffic. In addition this network has many benefits that Google doesn't. For one it's WAY easier to get your landing page approved. They don't make you jump through hoops like Google does. There's also less advertisers, lower costs, and for some reason I notice better conversion rates when compared to Google.

Keep in mind that just because they approve lower quality landing pages doesn't mean you should just do the bare minimum. You never know when they might start cracking down as well. It's good to be prepared in case this ever happens. Also, you should always put quality first anyways. The most successful affiliates are the ones who do what's necessary to develop a good landing page, take the time to research and create high quality ads and keyword lists, and whatever else is necessary to improve the quality and conversion rates of their campaigns.



7Search (AOL's network)






Find it Quick



Query Ads







Traffic Marketplace




Keywords & Ads 

Tinnitus Keywords
Ad Examples - Adjust To Your Website Content
Immediate Tinnitus Relief
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For Instant Tinnitus Relief.

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See The Most Effective Solution
For Tinnitus. 100% Proven.

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Permanent Tinnitus Relief.

Immediate Tinnitus Relief
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Immediate Tinnitus Relief
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Tinnitus Right This Minute.

Immediate Tinnitus Relief
This is By Far The Most
Effective Way To Relieve Tinnitus.

Immediate Tinnitus Relief
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Immediate Tinnitus Relief
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Permanent. Proven Effective.
Immediate Tinnitus Relief
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Steps. Read How Here.

Relieve Tinnitus Immediately
Get Instant Results Today &
Permanent Results Soon After.

Try This Easy 4-Step Plan
Use This Scientifically Proven
Method to Relieve Tinnitus

Tinnitus Product Reviews
See The Top 3 Solutions For
Tinnitus Relief. Ranked & Reviewed.

Tinnitus Product Reviews
See The Best Methods For
Tinnitus Relief. Instant Results.

Tinnitus Product Reviews
See The Top 3 Solutions
& Read Unbiased Reviews.

Instant Tinnitus Relief
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To Relieve Tinnitus Today.

Most Effective Solution
Relieve Tinnitus in 4 Easy
Steps. This is a Must Read.

Immediate Tinnitus Relief
An Absolute Must Read.
Instant & Long Term Relief.
Alter these ads if necessary to make them more relevant to your landing page. Feel free to create your own ads if you have some better ideas. Always test and continue to test ads in order to increase your conversions, clickthrough rate, and to lower costs.

Alternate Headline Examples

End Tinnitus Immediately
Instant Tinnitus Relief
Permanent Tinnitus Relief
Instantly Relieve Tinnitus
Stop Tinnitus Immediately
Suffering From Tinnitus?
Easy Tinnitus Relief
Permanently Relieve Tinnitus
Permanently Reverse Tinnitus
Stop Tinnitus Today
Stop Tinnitus Immediately
The Truth About Tinnitus
Reverse Tinnitus Today
4-Step Tinnitus Relief
Simple Tinnitus Relief
Powerful Method For Tinnitus
Most Effective Method
Instant & Proven Results
Tinnitus Product Reviews
Top Rated Tinnitus Relief
Tinnitus Gone Forever
Say Goodbye to Tinnitus
Unbiased Reviews For Tinnitus
Stop Tinnitus Now
End Tinnitus Now
End The Ringing
Stop The Ringing
Ringing in Your Ears?
Ears Won't Stop Ringing?
Reverse Tinnitus Now
Tinnitus Driving You Crazy?
Extremely Effective Solution
Extremely Effective Relief
Tinnitus Relief Truth
Tinnitus - End it Today
End Tinnitus This Minute
Instant Tinnitus Relief
Comprehensive Tinnitus Reviews
Tinnitus Relief Option
End Tinnitus in 4 Steps
Stop Tinnitus in 4 Steps
The Tinnitus Truth
Permanently Stop Tinnitus
Permanently End Tinnitus

PPC Landing Pages


You can do some searching around and find hundreds of good landing pages for sale, and most are very affordable.


PPV/CPV (pay/cost per view)

PPV is similar to PPC, but it's run through a different type of ad platform. PPV can be a gold mine since not many marketers are aware of this method. There's less competition and it's a lot cheaper. With PPV the traffic isn't as good of quality as PPC, but it's WAY cheaper. Setting up a PPV campaign is also very easy and only takes a matter of minutes.

Here is a list of the most popular PPV/CPV networks. They are listed in order based on their traffic volume and conversion rates. However, many of them are close in volume and conversion rates so the list may not be entirely accurate in these terms, it may also fluctuate over time.

As I mentioned PPV is easy to set up. You just open an account with a network, and start a campaign with the keywords we've provided. It's best to use a landing page, but you can go without one and link directly to the Goodbye Tinnitus home page. However it's usually best to use a landing page, as this will increase conversion rates. Landing pages for PPV are usually different than the ones used for PPC. They are very short, with just a little bit of information and an opt-in form to capture they're email address. The reason PPV landing pages are set up this way is because the traffic is less quality. Most people won't even take a second to consider your offer. Therefore by being quick and to the point you have a better chance of getting their attention and sparking an interest. With an opt-in form, you're able to get their email address and promote to them in a newsletter. This will give you a chance to turn them from an uninterested prospect to someone who trusts you and is more likely to buy products you recommend.

We have a few different PPV landing pages below. The PPC landing pages we already provided above may convert well too. It would be best however to test them against the PPV landing pages below. The landing pages below will probably convert better for PPV/CPV. In addition, the landing pages below may actually do well for PPC. The problem is, a few of the major PPC networks don't like these types of pages, especially google. Most of the smaller networks won't mind though, so you can test it with them.

COMING SOON! PPV landing page #1 (Goodbye Tinnitus branded page) - preview download

These landing pages can only be used to promote Goodbye Tinnitus. It is against our policy to promote any other products with them, unless they are ranked below Goodbye Tinnitus.

COMING SOON! - PPV landing page #2 (non-branded page) - preview - download

Click Here for instructions on how to edit and upload these landing pages.

Organinc Search Traffic

This is usually the most profitable traffic because it's free. It's when your website (or blog/article) shows up in the search engine results in the non-sponsored section. For an example, if you do a google search, you will see a few sponsored ads on top and some more ads to the right. The free organic traffic is what's between these ads.

As I said, organic traffic is usually the most profitable traffic. This is because it's quality traffic just like PPC except you don't have to pay for it. The downside to organic traffic is that it can't be set up over night. It can take many weeks or months to start getting a steady stream of traffic. It can also take a lot of time and effort if you do it all yourself. However, as many people will agree, it's more than worth the effort and wait.

There are basically 3 different ways to set up an organic traffic source.

1. Blogging - Blogs are very easy to set up and don't require any special design or coding skills. With a blog you simply post articles (blog posts) every so often, usually at the most every couple days, or at the least every couple weeks. From your blog you can promote Goodbye Tinnitus in your posts, and/or have a link in the column of your blog.

Blogging Platforms

Blogger - One of the most popular blogging platforms, owned by Google. Blogger is completely free, but if you wish to use a custom domain name (recommended) there is a small registration fee.

Wordpress - The most popular, most ssophisticated blogging service. There basic service is free, but getting a custom domain costs a few dollars. They also have additional paid services. Wordpress isn't as easy to use as blogger and other platforms (it's not hard though), but it's a much better platform and gives you more control of things. It's also more search engine friendly.

SquareSpace - A paid blogging service. What Squarespace has going for them is it's very easy to use, and you don't have to worry about your blog being possibly flagged like Blogger does on occasion.

Blog - Another free blogging service that's easy to use. Paid upgrades are available.

I'm by no means an expert blogger, but I can give you a few tips to point you in the right direction. If you'd like to learn everything about blogging and how to do it successfully I recommend Blogging To The Bank. This has been the leading blogging manual for years now, and I just checked and it seems to have been updated for 2011.

Blogging Tips

If you want to be successful with blogging and learn everything there is to know, I highly recommend you get Blogging To The Bank. No other blogging manual even comes close to what this will teach you. I absolutely can't stand most 'guru products', this is one of the few I wholeheartedly endorse.

2. Articles - Posting articles on article sites is probably the easiest way to capitalize on free traffic. You simply post one article on one site, then let the traffic role in. Of course you can post a lot more articles on a lot more sites to drive even more traffic. Posting on article sites is also a good SEO method (I'll cover SEO in a bit) to use for your blog or website.

Article Writing Tips

You'll need to sign up with an article site to begin posting articles. Here is a list of the most popular article sites based on traffic rank (meaning the best to worse).

3. Websites - The last method of generating free organic traffic is with a website. Setting up and managing a website can be more difficult than using a blog or posting an article, but it's just as effective if not more. A website that's designed to receive organic traffic is not set up the same way as a PPC landing page or other direct response site. It needs to be content rich and more user friendly.

The easiest way to set up a website is to have someone else design it for you or use a template. You'll then need to stuff it with content and lots of pages. Check out for an example of the type of website that does well with free traffic. Notice how they have advertising banners, articles, and other interactive functions.

If you're new to internet marketing and want to take advantage of free organic traffic, it would probably be best to start with a blog or post articles. You could also take one of the PPC landing pages provided above, add some articles and other pages/features, and pick up some free traffic that way.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is what makes or breaks a website/blog/article designed for organic traffic. In order for a site to show high in the search engine results and get lots of traffic, it needs to be properly optimized. Quite frankly, SEO is kind of complicated and would take too long to describe here. However, I found a free beginners guide to SEO that you can check out below.

Click here for a beginners guide to SEO. This is some really great stuff and explains everything you need to know about SEO.

Hire a Freelancer

I recommend reading that guide above so that you have an idea of what SEO is and what it involves. However, if you want to get on the fast track to success I'd recommend spending YOUR time on creating a good site/blog/article, and hiring someone else to do the SEO. You can find SEO freelancers on or If you hire someone from India or other countries you can get an AWESOME deal. No offense to these people, it's just that they are VERY GOOD at what they do, and they do it for much cheaper because the money is worth more over there.

You can also hire freelancers for other jobs, such as writing articles, blogging, website & banner design, and pretty much anything else you can think of that an internet marketer would need.

Leveraging your time and outsourcing your projects is the key to big success. You get more stuff done, you get it done faster, and often times it turns out better because they're professionals. If you're going to remember anything on this page, remember this... Outsourcing work is what separates the men from the boys.

Email Marketing

This is when you promote products through an email list you've generated. This type of marketing is probably the most unique out of all. It's usually not something that's done all by itself. It's something you do in addition to the above methods. For an example, lets say you're promoting products with PPC. You will have a site set up to promote your products, but you can also have a small section of your website where you offer visitors a chance to join your newsletter/email list. By enticing them to join you will be able to generate sales from them for as long as they're subscribed to your list.

A lot of people will not buy products right away, so by having an email list you will be able to promote to them in the future. It gives you the chance to provide your readers unique content, which builds trust and leads to future sales. Any successful marketer will tell you that building a list is absolutely essential for most promotional methods.

To start building am email list you need to sign up for an email communications provider (I use Aweber). From there you can easily set everything up and create your messages. After you set up your list settings, you are then given some HTML code to put in your website/blog. This code shows up as an opt-in form (like the one shown at the top of this page) where users can enter their name and email address and be added to your list.

You will need a website or blog to have an opt-in form.

Here is a list of pre-written messages you can send to your subscribers. You will need to add these in your Aweber account in the messages>follow up section.

Download Email Messages Here

(The links below are just to preview the messages)


These email messages can only be used to promote Goodbye Tinnitus. It is against our policy to promote any other products with them.


Email Message Instructions

You'll need to replace the content where it says YOUR AFFILIATE LINK and YOUR NAME. There are also a few places in some of the messages where you can change the text into a link (e.g. where it says 'Goodbye Tinnitus', or other places if you wish). Go through the messages carefully and make sure you don't miss any of the text that needs to be changed to your affiliate link.

You can use a URL shortner such as to shorten your affiliate links and make them look cleaner. The Clickbank links are kind of long and ugly. You could also buy a domain name and a cheap hosting account through Just Host, and have that domain redirect to your affiliate link so people can go to and be redirected to my site. Or if you already have a website with content, you can set up a PHP redirect like

When setting up the email messages in your Aweber account you'll want to set them at a good interval. The interval is how many days before the next message is sent out. I recommend setting the intervals to: 0 (obviously the first one will be 0), 3, 5, 6, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12. It doesn't need to be exactly like that but something similar. If you have the email intervals too close together you might make them mad or annoyed with too much mail. If you have them too far apart they might forget who you are or what you're offering. Therefore you want the interval somewhere in the middle.

With the above intervals the promotion will last 42 days. After that you can write more messages about our other products or keep promoting Goodbye Tinnitus. This will convert fairly well with the same kind of traffic.

Make sure you don't delete the {!firstname_fix} in the subject line and in the beginning of the message. This is Aweber code that will automatically detect the person's first name when sending messages. It gives your messages a personal touch.

Setting up everything in your Aweber account is very easy. They basically guide you step by step through the entire process.


Below are some high quality articles you can use in your promotions of Goodbye Tinnitus. They can be used on your website, blog, or posted on an article site. There are also two reviews of the Goodbye Tinnitus.

As you may already know, the search engines prefer unique content. If you have unique, quality content, you'll get more traffic, better rankings, and more satisfied viewers. In order to make your content unique, I recommend rewriting the articles below. This doesn't mean you have to totally rewrite them (although you could and this would probably be the best option), just spend a half hour or so tweaking each one. Change out words for others, rewrite phrases, add new stuff, rearrange words & phrases, and make any other changes that are quick and easy. Changing the content isn't absolutely necessary, but it will make it unique and in turn produce better results. You should especially make it unique if you're posting them on article sites.

Click here to download the articles & reviews

(The links below are just for previewing the articles)


These articles and reviews can only be used to promote Goodbye Tinnitus. It is against our policy to promote any other products with them.


List of Tinnitus Articles

A Cure For Tinnitus

Using Gingko Biloba For Tinnitus

The Gingko Biloba Plant

Causes of Tinnitus

Pulsatile Tinnitus

Complimentary Therapies for Tinnitus

Constant Ringing in the Ears

Cause of Tinnitus

Diagnosing Tinnitus

Causes of Ear Ringing

Tinnitus Relief Remedies

The Basics of Tinnitus

Tinnitus and Hearing Loss

Help for Tinnitus

How to Manage Tinnitus

Get Rid of Tinnitus

Hyperacusis Tinnitus

I Have Tinnitus

Maidenhair Tree and Tinnitus

Natural Cures For Tinnitus

Pulsating Tinnitus

Symptoms of Tinnitus

Tinnitus Retraining Therapy


Goodbye Tinnitus Reviews

Review #1

Review #2



Banners are most often used on websites or blogs that are receiving organic search traffic or other free traffic, and also sites that are focused more on content rather than a direct-response site like the PPV/PPC landing pages above. Although this is usually the case with banners, I've noticed that banners can also work well in other scenarios. We've added banners to various PPC and PPV campaigns and conversions increased. However, it can go both ways. We've also had it decrease conversions in some campaigns. Adding banners to a PPC, PPV/CPV, or other direct response landing page is something that should be tested after you've had your campaign going for a while. Before testing with banners and other major changes you should fine tune yours ads, bids, and other campaign settings.

These banners can only be used to promote Goodbye Tinnitus. It is against our policy to promote any other products with them.

250x250 300x250

coming soon



coming soon
336x280 125x125
 Coming soon



NOTE: The banner below is actually bigger than it appears. We had to make it look smaller so that it would properly fit in the margins of this webpage.   728x90

Coming soon


Coming soon 120x600



Product Images

Copy and paste these images in your website or where needed.


These images can only be used to promote Goodbye Tinnitus. It is against our policy to promote any other products with them.


Here are a few links to different resources that can help with your Ejaculation Trainer promotions. They aren't absolutely necessary, but they may be of aid depending on what you decide to do.

Web Hosting Email Communications FTP Software
Just Host - Get a domain name and cheap hosting that is very reliable. Aweber - Create an email list and send automated promotional emails. FileZilla - Free!
Marketing Training Material Web Design Software Photo Design & Editing Software
Affilorama - This is by far the best training material for people new to affiliate marketing. They cover EVERYTHING about affiliate marketing and the content is top notch. Seriously, if you're new to affiliate marketing, you need to check out this site.

Blogging To The Bank - The most advanced, in depth program that teaches anyone how to be successful with blogging. I highly recommend this to newbies who want to promote Goodbye Tinnitus with a blog.

KompoZer - Free

Microsoft Expression

Adobe Dreamweaver


Affiliate Disclaimer & Policies

You must agree to our affiliate disclaimer and policies before promoting Goodbye Tinnitus and using any of the information, tools, or other resources provided by us.


Click here to read our affiliate disclaimer and policies

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